1 month ago

Google Play Store Errors and Solutions

When you download apps or games from Google Play, you may encounter errors from time to time. Google Play Store errors occur if you have problems with your device, internet...

1 month ago

Applications of Finding Clothes from Picture (Take Photo, Find Outfit)

Have you ever wanted a Shazam-like service to describe a cute dress or cool shoes in public? This is no longer a difficult dream, as you can now take your...

2 months ago

YouTube Makes Small Channel Owners Happy

Video hosting website YouTube has come up with news to delight users with a small number of subscribers. Now the desired limit is lower. Move from YouTube to Make Small Channel Owners...

3 months ago

How to Turn off Google Location Tracking

It is an undeniable fact that Google applications on smart devices store location information. How to disable Google location tracking in this context? We explain in detail.        As a...